Brunette and Black Hair Care Tips

Dark hair is mysterious. That is the first thing I think of when I see dark hair. Sometimes brunettes feel they take the smart back seat to the hot blonde friend or the wild red head. That’s something to be proud of smart and mysterious, talk about two for one! Dark hair can be a beautiful combination, particularly once the correct hue has been found. One thing that many blondes even in a lot of brunette or very dark haired girls are that many of them have their natural hair color! Many brunettes don’t dye or highlight their dark hair and it remains that perfect rich color.

Color and Makeup

Brunettes are also the hair color that can have such a wide variety of options when it comes to makeup and clothing, depending on the skin tone of the brunette. Light honey highlights can be added to chestnut brown hair for that extra spark. Oftentimes brunette hair looks better without highlights, especially darker brunettes. Brunettes can also be on two very opposite sides of the spectrum. One can have dark brown to black hair and a creamy white complexion that is highlight beautifully with a red lip. The caramel color brunette with naturally blonde skin can wear dramatic smoky eye makeup, with a nude lip, and look bronzed year round, with out anyone questioning your tanning practices.

Shine On

Black hair is hands-probably the shiniest. Many Asian women are known for the jet-black super shiny thick hair. Diet may have a lot to do with the shine and health of a brunette’s hair, but some products can certainly help! For African-American women who struggle with course hair, olive oil conditioners can be a great choice; and that natural tight curl can also be very beautiful. There are various brunette conditioners, products, and shampoos that can make your brown hair shine, but one of the best is Aquage, a convenient spray on shine.

Brunette Tips

Some tips to keep in mind when dying your hair brown, is that rich hue may fade. Choose color enhancing conditioners and weekly treatments that prolongs that pretty brown shine. You can always lighten or darken a brunette color, if considering going black, try a medium to dark brown and go from there. Often times the results still maintain that air of mystery.

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